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The launch phase of a pharmaceutical drug is one of the most critical moments in its product life cycle. One drug typically takes 10-15 years of time and $2-3 billion of investment before it is approved by health authorities. With so much time and capital in the drug development process, companies have the critical mission of making a big impact at introduction while still ensuring long-term success of the drug.

A McKinsey study found that for 85% of pharmaceutical launches, the trajectory is set within the first 6 months of approval. Failure to address market dynamics and organizational challenges without the proper management structure, processes, and expertise in place, can lead to a sub-optimal trajectory.

CMK Select brings extensive product launch expertise and a proven methodology to fully optimize your next product launch.  Our SELECT team of professionals come prepared to:

  • Build a commercialization plan and position a team of experts to maximize chances of optimal brand trajectory
  • Implement and manage the SELECT methodology that drives and monitors the entire launch process
  • Provide greater cost control and better risk anticipation/mitigation to brand teams by implementing best practices, tools, and KPIs to deliver more predictable launches

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