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CMK Select's Expense Management Service is an outsourced service designed to streamline the process of field sales reporting, increasing accuracy and compliance, relieving managerial burden and mitigating risk. Recognizing the challenges of on-time and accurate expense reporting, the CMK Select process is fully compliant with the Sunshine Act and all corporate integrity agreements. This service incorporates a system of checks and balances to work seamlessly with your organization, driving continuous performance improvement and resulting in significantly reduced late fees and increased productivity for your field based teams. The Expense Management Service delivers:


  • Increase in Productivity Across Field Organization
  • Increased field activity (additional 3 calls week / 150 annually per rep on average)
  • Reduction in managerial burden by providing streamlined quality "checks and balances" reporting
  • Addresses representative churn resulting in no reporting gaps


Cost Benefits

  • Monthly savings due to late fee reduction
  • Lowers cost per call by ~ $20


Increase Compliance

  • Mitigates risk by delivering full compliance with the Sunshine Act and Corporate Integrity Agreements


Streamlined Process Improvement

  • Institutionalized processes and best practices provide long-term value through on-going service reviews and improvement recommendations

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