Expense Report Compliance Audit


Address the overly burdensome process of reviewing, revising, and gaining approval of monthly expense reports from 1,100+ field sales force.

Business Goals:

  • Improve cycle time of reviewing expense reports
  • Increase compliance of Sunshine Act reporting requirements
  • Minimize financial penalities due to late payments
  • Reduce & optimize Sales Force participation in process


Value Being Delivered:

CMK Select architected and delivered a solution that consists of a team of dedicated reviewers. CMK Select processes, reviews and directs the revision of 1,100+ expense reports for compliance, completeness, and accuracy within ~11 day reporting cycle. Critical to this is the flexiblility of our service team to continually align with expense report inflow and review requirements. 



  • 11% increased sales call activity (additional 3 calls week/150 calls annually per sales rep)
  • Lowers cost per call by ~$20 through more efficient processing for sales force
  • Average savings of $70k/month in reduced penalty payment
  • Increase in Compliance with Sunshine Act and Corporate Integrity
  • Sales Managers spend less time reviewing reports and are more compliant

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