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Who We Are

In 2006, our founders –Rick and Joan Kilcoyne – built CMK Select on a foundation of excellence. They set out to provide program and project management services to the professional sector and quickly landed a small project with a large life sciences company. That single contract ended up shaping the future of CMK Select forever. The client valued our commitment to their mission and the quality of the work we delivered and signed on for more. We found our niche, and more than a decade later, we are still working with that same client!

What started out as a two-person firm has grown into a team of more than 100 dedicated and talented team members, operating under the same founding principles of productivity and excellence. Today, we are proud to be highly regarded as an employee-based boutique consulting firm, focused exclusively on the life sciences industry. We provide strategy, execution and analytics within the commercial and medical affairs space while also supporting business technology and compliance services.

Built on Excellence

Our values dictate our mission, which means our consultants are always striving to provide the best possible outcomes for our clients. We believe in fostering a collaborative working environment alongside our clients and within our firm. As we effectively lead and execute projects on our clients’ behalf, we provide them an opportunity to focus on what’s important: reaching and exceeding their goals. We are not a vendor, we are a partner; always thinking outside the box and offering a holistic outlook that accelerates our client’s success. 

The Key to Our Success

Our employees are the key to our success, and our company continues to grow because of the exceptional work they deliver. Every team member considers our client’s holistic business goals when approaching a project, emboldening them to go beyond the boundaries of their job description to provide exceptional results.

Looking Toward the Future

As our firm grows and evolves into the future, our goal is to embrace change and drive innovation while upholding our founding principles of quality and excellence. We will continue to provide forward-thinking, collaborative consulting services aimed at helping our client’s grow.



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