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We evaluate your strategy and develop project plans that drive outcomes.


We operationalize your strategy and provide project teams to maximize success.


We create metrics and drive activities to produce meaningful results.

...Project management and consulting services dedicated to the life sciences industry

The CMK team is your team. Committed to a collaborative approach, we stand by our clients for the entire lifecycle of the drug launch process, from product planning to the loss of exclusivity.

New Product Planning

CMK Select will help you outperform expectations so that each new product you bring to the market elevates and enhances the value of your portfolio.

Product Launch Excellence

When all those years of preparation finally come to a close, CMK Select will help you perfect the pre- and at-launch processes.

Marketing/Brand Management

Our Brand Management team helps to establish strategic and tactical marketing plans that optimize the reputation of your brand within the marketplace.

Loss of Exclusivity

Our clients know they can rely on our guidance as we help make those tough yet vital decisions regarding the loss of exclusivity just a little bit easier.

Strategy, credibility and distinction are just some of the values CMK brings to the table. We work in concert with Medical Affairs teams to ensure optimal results and the best outcomes.

Medical Launch Readiness

Our strategic launch road maps and launch execution plans are designed to help your team prepare for and excel in the critical launch process.

Congress/Event Strategy, Planning and Management

By entrusting CMK Select with your event planning needs, we’ll help you maximize the value of critical meetings and other special events.

Medical Information

Our expert team consistently delivers focused, high-quality content to help you maintain your reputation as an authoritative hub of medical information.

HEOR Project Management

By supervising your health economics and outcomes research process, CMK Select helps optimize and enhance your inputs to ensure the best outcomes.

Publications Management

The value and viability of your product within the market depends largely upon our strategic approach for a carefully-designed publication schedule.

Across the product life cycle, from early development to retirement, and every phase in between, CMK Select provides a combination of strategic alignment and executional support for your business technology initiatives.

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Program & Project Management

Our Program & Project Management team will help you drive technology projects that support and enhance your business objectives.


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