Convention Management

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The CMK Select Convention Management Service provides seasoned conventions professionals to manage meetings, congresses and association events from strategy through execution. Addressing the resource constraints of fluctuating convention schedules, the service is both flexible and scalable. Our employees bring deep industry expertise as well as tools and processes to their roles. Unlike the traditional meeting planner, the on premise convention management team goes beyond logistics and partners with brand, medical and new products leads to strategize the most effective way to meet their clients’ objectives. Together they evaluate which conventions to attend, opportunities to maximize KOLs exposure, and strategize on ways to build strong relationships with associations and engage target audiences. They then manage the implementation to ensure work is done on-time, on-budget and exceeds expectations. The CMK Select experts offer:

  • Convention Delivery Strategy
  • KOL / Stakeholder Management
  • Budget Management
  • Planning & Logistics
  • Agency Interface
  • Housing & Travel
  • Exhibit Design & Delivery
  • Convention Close and Cost Rationalization

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