Support of an established Brand team where a new process was required to support a brand effort to manage top tier healthcare physician requests by the field force. Client company implemented limits on funding by each HCP.  Brand team had a need to track speaker requests submitted by field force for regional and local peer to peer events.

Business Goals:

  • Identify solution to manage and process field force speaker requests by brand team
  • Brand tracking, review and communication of status related to  request reviews
  • Monitoring of top tier healthcare professionals utilization in order to  maximize resources
  • Budget management of speakers and programs aligned to annual limits
  • Reporting for Senior Management and Sales Leadership


Value Being Delivered:

An immediate evaluation of the process was completed resulting in a workflow recommendation that could be implemented quickly with minimal effort for the marketing  team. The solution included process management recommendations, communication plans, reports with a dashboard view allowing brand time and effort reduction in management of this process.


  • Process identified, implemented and running in 2 business days
  • Reduction of burden of process management for brand team representing ~15-20 hours weekly
  • 25% increase in speaker approval rates (month over month) since inception of new process
  • Speaker requests representing 15% of commercial budget year to date

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