Agency On-Boarding


Throughout the course of a project many outside agencies are utilized to aid in the development of required insights and deliverables. All agencies need to be on-boarded.

Business Goals:

  • Educate agencies on:

    • Disease area
    • Company specific product
    • Already completed work and insights gained
    • Remaining insights required
  • Optimize future work to be undertaken


Value Being Delivered:

CMK Select developed an agency on-boarding meeting so multiple agencies could be on-boarded at the same time. On-boarding included on-site presentations and digital copies of all work completed to date. On-boarding materials are kept current and additional work completed is added to the resource for any future agencies. 



  • For each additional agency attending the meeting, ~10 man hours of work (2 hours for 5 people) are avoided
  • Various vendors bring their own insights to the meeting and sharing with other vendors helps to fine tune any work to be undertaken and ensures there is no duplication of effort
  • By using the materials developed for the meeting and the updated summary of projects, significant hours of work are avoided for future vendors

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