John Spitznagel

Senior Associate, New Product Planning

John T. Spitznagel, Jr. is an experienced healthcare executive with proven success in Big Pharma and Entrepreneurial Pharma in the United States and globally. Adept at company building, brand building, financial and team building, market analysis, targeting, effective promotion, effective acquisition and licensing deals, John has a deep roots within the healthcare industry.   Throughout the course of his career, John has been successful in partnering deals that have created substantial value for investors and shareholders in the companies he has served. In his leadership and consulting roles, John has led the launch and re-launch of more than two dozen products and brands in the healthcare space.   After starting his career at Eli Lilly and Company, John then moved into the entrepreneurial startup business with ESP Pharma, followed by Esprit Pharma.   He currently heads up CMK Select's New Product Planning Service and is engaging with companies of all sizes and stages in the healthcare industry.   John is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania with a bachelor's degree in communications.

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