HBA – Lessons from the Shark Tank-How a Pop Culture Phenomenon Spurs Innovation and Leadership

Date and Time: September 13, 2017 at 5:00pm

Location: 150 JFK Parkway, short Hills, NJ


Entrepreneurs from across the country are eager to step into the Shark Tank, pitching their latest innovations in hopes of securing funding from one of several billionaire investors.   Join HBA Northern New Jersey for a panel discussion to learn how a Shark Tank type of event stimulates a culture of innovation, employee engagement, and develops leaders.   Hosted by KPMG, you will hear from a two-time winner from ABC's Shark Tank and leaders from Johnson & Johnson, Bayer, and KPMG who will talk about their own Shark Tank-style events and provide key takeaways for companies interested in sparking creativity and innovation at work. Learn how to conduct your own event and dive right into the Shark Tank.

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